LBI named best summer travel destination in the state

In 2021, airbnb named Cape May, NJ as a hot spring/summer vacation spot. This year, a new report shed light on another coastal community: Long Beach Island. travel pulse recently named LBI as the best summer travel destination in all of New Jersey.

Although, we can’t say we’re surprised. The 18-mile sandbar has all the hallmarks of a classic coastal getaway, but with a more relaxing vibe than its bragging boardwalk counterparts. So let’s take a closer look at what makes this barrier island so unique, according to Travelpulse.

Why LBI is the best summer travel destination in NJ

It has a “mixture of beaches and quiet towns”

The New Jersey shore is dotted with premier vacation destinations. But LBI’s sandy shores, small-town charm, and surf vibes make it a true gem. (And a slice of boardwalk-free bliss.) The best way to enjoy its beauty? Hanging out in or near the water. This is easy to do, considering that even at the widest point of the island, hikers, seasonal visitors, and residents are never more than half a mile from the other side.

While relatively small in size, LBI is divided into three parts: the South End, the North End, and the Central Region. To the north, you’ll find Barnegat Light and quaint towns like Loveladies, Harvey Cedar and North Beach. This area is known for its fishing possibilities, recreational activities and, of course, paradisiacal beaches.

More central hotspots include Surf City, Brant Beach, and Ship Bottom, also known as the “Gateway to Long Beach Island.” Along with a plethora of boutiques and restaurants, these areas are perfect if you want to launch your boat, take a stroll after the beach, or catch an evening concert.

beach shelter

To the south, you will find a different energy, perhaps more optimistic. Here there are excellent surfing opportunities, many attractions, museums, historic architecture and a lively nightlife. Beach Haven, in particular, is home to amusement parks, great bars and restaurants, and a wide variety of waterfront hotels.

There are “perfect waves for surfing”

under the lip

The secret is out. The best time to surf in New Jersey is not the summer but the winter. However, the LBI swell during the warmer months is still something to brag about. If you they can really surf the waves of New Jersey. Although some may find that a dip in the Atlantic can be quite chilly.

Pro Tip: Head to the southern tip or central region of LBI for a great boating experience. Ship Bottom is an ideal area for surfers of all levels. This family-friendly beach is even home to one of the best surf schools on the Jersey Shore, if you need a lesson or two. While you’re there definitely check it out Ron Jon Surf Shopa specialist board and lifestyle brand with a cult following.

Don’t forget the “remarkably atmospheric Barnegat Lighthouse”

Long Beach Island Lighthouse at sunset

the barnegat lighthouse story dates back to 1859, when it served as a guide for ships heading to New York City. In 1957, a 32-acre park was built around it, known today as Barnegat Lighthouse State Park. Visitors have the option of climbing the Guardians of Light walkway for panoramic views of Long Beach Island, Island Beach and Barnegat Bay. Or, if you prefer to skip With 217 steps to the top, the park is a great place to bird watch, take a scenic walk along the nature trail, or have a picnic.