New brand identity San José Mineta International Airport

Today, San José Mineta International Airport (SJC) announced its official move to a new brand identity.

Today, San José Mineta International Airport (SJC) announced its official move to a new brand identity.

The comprehensive changes come after an extensive process by SJC to strengthen its position as the Bay Area’s leading gateway for local and global clients. The new branding initiative signifies a review of SJC’s public identity, including a new brand, logo, colours, tagline and marketing materials. Today’s change begins the process of incorporating the list of new brand items, which will occur over the next few months.

“We are thrilled to reintroduce the Silicon Valley airport to the world with these new brand elements,” said John Aitken, SJC’s director of aviation. “The process of examining and redeveloping our brand identity was crucial in helping us develop a deeper understanding of our community and what we needed to do to ensure we were providing the best possible experience for our passengers and visitors.”

The new brand, San José Mineta International Airport, was selected to lead with location, help travelers find SJC and strengthen the geographic association with San José. It also moves “Mineta” to the heart (center) of the name and uses fewer words, simplifying the visual identity and reflecting SJC’s brand promise of a streamlined airport experience. The name change only applies to the Airport’s public brand. An official name change would require action by elected City officials.

In addition to the new brand name, the new brand identity package includes a new logo and other visual elements that will be reflected in SJC’s signage materials, bus wraps, advertising and communications for the airport.

As the aviation industry tackled catastrophic passenger drops, SJC, which is self-supporting and not funded by city tax dollars, seized the opportunity to boost traffic by addressing persistent challenges with brand awareness and marketing visibility. The airport’s rebranding effort is the result of an extensive strategic research and branding process conducted by SJC and marketing consultant, GALE Partners. Multiple market research studies have identified brand elements that resonate with the local community and travelers around the world. Research indicated that travelers did not widely associate the Airport’s previous branding with San Jose or the Bay Area.

Identity redevelopment and brand analysis efforts included extensive qualitative and quantitative market research, with an emphasis on equity. Survey and research efforts included more than 2,100 surveys of individual Bay Area travelers, as well as one-on-one interviews with key stakeholders such as Airport and City leadership staff, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, and the Association of Silicon Valley Business Travel. The research process also shared the logo and creative elements of the campaign with fluent speakers of Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese.

New design elements incorporate updated colors and graphics and are designed for consistency, accessibility and familiarity across all customer touch points.

Brand New: San José Mineta International Airport

New motto: Fly simple.

New Logo – The new logo features a modern graphic identity that reflects the vibrancy and energy of Silicon Valley while providing simple and intuitive design elements. The new logo, presented vertically and horizontally, represents the concept of “moving forward”.

It is a simplified combination of symbols commonly found when traveling through an airport: an aerial view of an airplane, its wings, and directional symbols of the airfield.