SRDC proposes four festivals to be included in the state tourism calendar, starting in 2023

Sempurai (front, fourth right), Teo to his right, and other guests prepare to perform the stunt to mark the close of the three-day Durin Festival 2022.

SIBU (November 29): The Sibu Rural District Council (SRDC) hopes that the four festivals it organizes will be included in Sarawak’s tourism calendar from next year.

The four are the Selangau Festival, the Sibu Jaya Festival, the Batang Rajang Symphony, and the Durin Festival.

According to SRDC Chairman Sempurai Petrus Ngelai, these festivals have great potential for rural tourism.

“Therefore, I want the council members and staff to prepare the preliminary documents that will be submitted to the Ministry of Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts to obtain financing for the organization of these four festivals.

“I recently asked Datuk Snowdan Lawan (Deputy Minister of Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts II), who then told me that such documentation should be sent early for your attention,” Sempurai said in his Durin Festival closing ceremony speech. 2022. at Durin Waterfront near here on Sunday.

The event also hosted Ministry of Public Health, Housing and Local Government (Urban Planning) official Genam Consil, SRDC Acting Secretary Chiong Siew Ping and Durin Festival 2022 Organizing Committee Chairman Teo Boon Siew Councilor .

In addition, Sempurai said that the inclusion in the tourist calendar of the state would facilitate a better organization of these festivals.

“I really hope council members will commit to ensuring these events can be organized and run annually.

“It is the responsibility of the City Council to improve the organization of events in the future, to help boost the socio-economy of the local population and also the local rural tourism sector.

“Everything must start from the council first,” he emphasized.

On the Durin Festival, Sempurai noted a proposal by council members for it to be combined with the Batang Rajang Symphony next year.

“This, however, would be discussed later by those on the standing committee.”

Meanwhile, in his earlier welcome speech, Teo said that the Durin Festival had registered some 20,000 visitors since it opened last Friday.

He saw this as an indication that the festival could draw crowds not only from Durin, but from neighboring districts as well.

“If we could host this festival every year, I’m sure many of us at Durin would benefit greatly.

“I am sure that Durin can become a new tourism product, in view of various tourism-related projects proposed by the SRDC, which I hope can be realized in the future.

“I hope this festival becomes a historic event for us at Durin,” he added.

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