The best tourist destinations in the world for 2023, according to Tripadvisor

Regardless of what’s on your vision board for 2023, I bet you wouldn’t turn down the chance to have an amazing vacation this year. It is a complicated process that requires planning, money and patience. But even with all those details to manage, how much you’ll enjoy the experience sometimes depends on choosing the right place to go. Fortunately, Tripadvisor exists and they’ve got you covered for the best places to go with their recently announced Travellers’ Choice Best of the Best Destination Awards.

The winners of this list were determined by real travelers and their comments on the Tripadvisor website. Millions of real experiences make up these suggestions, not an AI-generated ranking or a single travel expert making recommendations.

“We saw a resurgence in travel demand in 2022, and the outlook for this year is promising,” Sarah Firshein, Tripadvisor editorial director, said in a statement. “Cities like Paris and London, which may have been relegated to less populated destinations during the pandemic, are back on the minds of travelers, while places like Alaska and Cuba are also drawing a lot of interest.”

Here are the top trending travel destinations in 2023 with the highest year-over-year growth in traveler interest, according to Tripadvisor:

Cuba Hoi An, Vietnam Mauritius Siem Reap, Cambodia Chiang Mai, Thailand Grand Cayman, Caribbean Fez, Morocco Baku, Azerbaijan Kathmandu, Nepal Krakow, Poland

Don’t have a passport yet? Don’t worry. Tripadvisor also has a list of the top trending tourist destinations within the US.

Juneau, Alaska Page, Arizona Salem, Massachusetts Sonoma, California Tierra Verde, Florida Philadelphia, Pennsylvania San Juan Island, Washington Camden, Maine Galena, Illinois Whitefish, Montana

For even more inspiration, you can head over to Tripadvisor’s full list of recommendations for 2023, including must-do activities and a breakdown of the best trips to take based on your interests.