The latest on tourism in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is possibly the most popular city in California.

But as travel picks up, where are things in the city of angels?


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We caught up with Adam Burke, President and CEO of the Los Angeles Convention and Tourism Board, during the IPW event in Orlando, Florida to learn more about the state of Los Angeles travel and tourism right now. .

The importance of international travelers to Los Angeles is incredibly vital to the destination, Burke said, and the connections made at IPW will go a long way in helping the recovery.

“Honestly, it’s great to be back and see this level of participation,” Burke said. “I think after the last few years of being back in person, there is no substitute for this face-to-face, and for Los Angeles, international visits are absolutely one of the most critical factors in our recovery. I think if you look back at 2019, we had 31 million overnight visitors and of those 31 million, one in four came from the international market. But if you take it one step further, even though they accounted for around 25% of visitor volume, they accounted for around 67% of all spending by overnight visitors. It is impossible to exaggerate without the full recovery of international visits, we will not see a full economic recovery in Los Angeles. Being back in person with so many participants really shows that we are starting our comeback story in a big way.”

Additionally, Burke noted how much domestic travel has so far set the pace for where Los Angeles’ tourism numbers are right now.

“We’ve certainly seen home entertainment come back with a bang,” Burke said. “The best example I can give you is that we already know that by 2022 we are anticipating 92% of the visitor demand of 2019. 2019, as a reminder, which capped a consecutive decade of record growth. So getting back to 92% visitor demand is incredible, but it’s still predominantly driven by home entertainment. So we’re really looking to the international market and professional meetings and events to continue to drive that recovery. The other thing I have to say is that what I love about Los Angeles, and it’s been my adopted home for over thirty years, is that the experience is constantly evolving. I mean, even during the pandemic, you saw this incredible new investment in infrastructure, in new attractions, in these incredible major events, so even if people haven’t been to Los Angeles in a couple of years, they’ll be surprised to see how there is much new to do”.

With the United States now having ended the pre-departure testing rule for anyone flying into the country, the number of international visits to Los Angeles is sure to skyrocket for the rest of 2022 and beyond.

Watch the video to see the full interview with Burke as he talks more about all the new things to see and do in Los Angeles.

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