Top 10 travel tips from an independent travel consultant for January

Nichola Court of Escape Savvy organizes every detail of her client’s holiday from start to finish and can guarantee 10% savings when booking through her..

January usually calls for new goals and things in store to look forward to next year.

Despite cost-of-living challenges, Brits aren’t ready to give up the luxury of travel after missing out for so long during Covid.

With January being the travel industry’s busiest month for bookings, Nichola Court, independent travel consultant and owner of Escape Savvy, has provided her top ten travel tips for booking vacations, when to book, and how to save every time.

Who looks after her clients’ vacations from start to finish, researching, suggesting, and caring for the finer details that make each client’s vacation unique and special, Nichola of Halewood suggests using a travel agent to get that advice. expert to build the vacation of your dreams.

With so many travel providers available now, it’s hard to know who to trust – using an agent gives you invaluable peace of mind that they are available to ensure your vacation is fully protected.

And on top of that, Nichola’s travel tips are completely free and guarantee at least 10% savings when you book through Escape Savvy.

Escape Savvy’s top ten travel tips:

Best day to travel in terms of price: Friday

Best day to book: Sunday

Cheapest months to travel: September and November

Book Early: Flights typically launch 11 months in advance and the initial launch is when prices are cheapest, so plan ahead!

Be flexible – we are all busy and often only have set windows for travel on our calendars, but be open to options. For my clients, I want to get the best vacation possible within the time they have, so being open to different ideas is key.

Check the travel rules for the country you are visiting – your travel agent can help you with this as it is often different in various countries. Do you need a visa? Any vaccine? Additional paperwork?

Travel Insurance Is Non-Negotiable!: It really isn’t worth it to find out the hard way the devastating effects both emotionally and financially it can have if you travel without insurance and the worst happens.

Check that your passport is current and has six months before it expires on the return date of your planned trip.

Most airlines allow you to take child car seats for free. Legislation around legal requirements based on car seats can be very different in Europe and in other countries, so keep this in mind.

Download a money translation and conversion app before you go!

Escape Savvy’s Nichola Court explained:

“January is an incredibly busy time for the travel industry as tourists flock to book their Easter, holiday and summer travel. I’ve provided these top tips to make booking a vacation easier, but my number one tip would always be to use a travel agent. It’s the easiest way to know that your vacation is protected while using the advice of your experts.

‘Many sites online don’t offer ABTA and ATOL protection, but all the providers I work with are fully protected and we’ve done all the hard work so our customers don’t have to. There are so many destinations that it can be overwhelming to find the best place to visit, hotel, pension, excursions and flights. I take care of my clients’ holidays from start to finish, answering any questions and providing support where necessary.

“In addition to this, the services of my travel agent are completely free! My clients do not pay me fees for helping them. When we spend our hard-earned savings on quality time with family or friends, you want to have the best experience possible and I’m here to make that easy, saving at least 10% on your vacation when you book through Smart Escape.

For more direct travel advice, please contact Nichola via Escape Savvy’s Instagram page.