Top 3 tips to save money on travel

Don't let the price hike ruin your vacation.  Try these tips to save some money.

Don’t let the price hike ruin your vacation. Try these tips to save some money.


Budgeting for travel has always meant taking into account price fluctuations in different cities; however, with recent increases in fuel, food, and most other goods, it’s important to be prepared. Having sufficient funds along the way can be the difference between fun and finish. To prepare for traveling to multiple cities this summer, try some of these tips to make the most informed decisions about where to go on the road to save money and get the most for your money.


Fluctuating gas prices, variable tax rates and highway miles require a more strategic solution than waiting until the gas gauge indicates to refuel. Apps like GasBuddy and Pit Stop can help road warriors be more aware and choose gas stations that offer the lowest prices. They also sometimes offer combo meal deals on things like sweets and coffee for the happy travelers in the group.


With grocery stores competing with gas stations for the highest price increases, food prices have become unpredictable on the road. Download the Basket app to explore and compare prices at the next outlet. The platform allows you to create a shopping list and then shows you the total cost of your selections at various nearby retailers, helping you choose the most cost-effective food options available.


While the gift shop at your destination may be easily accessible, the accompanying price tag may be cause for concern. Reduce gift shop splurge by finding alternate locations to pick up destination-based gear. Often gas stations and rest areas, especially those near outdoor destinations like state parks, will offer similar style and quality hats, shirts, key chains, stuffed animals, shot glasses and more. , at a much more accessible point of purchase.

This story was originally published July 28, 2022 6:00 a.m.

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