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The Feeling of Peace with Sam Ikehara

January 23, 15:00 – 16:30
Manoa Campus, Art 132 add to calendar

The Feeling of Peace: US Military Noise Pollution and the Windy Poetics of Vacancy is a talk by Sam Ikehara. This talk looks at community responses to US military noise pollution in Okinawa and Hawaii, tracing the ways activists, poets, and everyday people navigate the air as a site of both harm and healing. I turn to testimony from the first noise pollution lawsuit in Okinawa and testimony from Hawaiian neighborhood councils alongside indigenous poetry that links ongoing noise pollution to longer histories of colonialism and imperialism. If noise pollution transforms the air into a space of violence, as the plaintiffs and witnesses argue, I read the cultural and political significance of the wind as a force of sovereignty in the works of the Okinawan poet Nakazato Yūgo and the Kanaka poet Maoli Brandy. Nalani McDougall. Read alongside testimonials from the community, his poetry uncovers the intergenerational memories and sentiments that the wind not only contains, but actively preserves. Against the military logic that names the wind as a danger to military preparation, my analysis argues that testimonials and poetry clarify how the wind builds relationships and is the condition of possibility of life itself. What I call the windy poetics of vacancy is defined by a renewal of relations with the wind and memory at the same time that it is organized around radical returns of the earth, of the night, of the body itself.

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