UW Extension Welcomes Its First Outdoor Recreation, Tourism & Hospitality Educator | News

Hailey Moss's photo

Hailey Moss is Wyoming’s first Extension educator for the WORTH Initiative.

The University of Wyoming Extension and the Wyoming Outdoor Recreation, Tourism and Hospitality (WORTH) Initiative welcome Hailey Moss as the state’s first WORTH Initiative Extension educator.

Moss’s booth is the product of an exciting new partnership between the UW Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources, home of the WORTH Initiative, and UW Extension.

The WORTH Initiative supports economic diversification by leading applied research, developing new educational products and services, and providing outreach programs related to outdoor recreation, tourism, and hospitality. The initiative is made possible by the Wyoming Innovation Partnership, created by Governor Gordon in 2021.

Tourism is the second largest industry in Wyoming, economically, and the largest private employment sector, says WORTH Acting Director Dan McCoy.

“We are excited to partner with Extension to leverage their extensive network to help better connect the agricultural and extension community with opportunities in tourism and hospitality,” he says.

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Moss will work with community members, business owners and property owners to identify economic development opportunities centered around outdoor recreation, tourism and hospitality. While residing in Natrona County, she will serve communities and other outreach educators throughout the state.

“This is Extension’s first foray into providing an education in the field focused on outdoor recreation, tourism and hospitality,” says Kelly Crane, director of UW Extension. “We hope Hailey will help enhance Extension’s capacity in this area by working with educators and specialists focused on community health and vitality.”

Moss, a native of Douglas, earned a bachelor’s degree in outdoor recreation and tourism management from the UW and recently completed her master’s degree in arts administration and museum leadership from Drexel University.

“As we all love to joke, Wyoming is a small town with long streets,” she says. “I am very excited to work within Wyoming communities to maximize their tourism and outdoor recreation opportunities and continue to foster relationships within one of Wyoming’s largest industries.”

For more information on the WORTH initiative, visit www.uwyo.edu/worth.

Source: news.google.com